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We manage investment decisions seriously. We are pleased to share valuable information about trends and solutions in real estate and tourism.

Benefits of living by the ocean

Foto de Athena Kavis en Pexels People who live close to the ocean tend to have a better quality of life than those who live in metropolitan areas. We’ll explain furthermore the main agents that positively impact our health and why. Atmospheric pressure In sea level cities, the atmospheric pressure is higher and therefore the amount of oxygen in the air is also higher. ...
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Reasons to invest in real estates

¿Why is such a good idea to invest in real estates? In summary, the market has a clear potential for profitability, counts on assistant in many levels and is achievable for most people. Below, you’ll find more details of the three main reasons to invest in real estates nowadays. Valuation Comparing to the stock exchange, the valuation of real estate’s prices is pretty low. ...

¿How to get my property ahead the market?

Foto de Nataliya Vaitkevich en Pexels Selling real estate could become hard work. However, the following simple tips will help you make your property truly competitive for sale. Prepare your property Get up to date on paperwork and required documentation. The Property Tax, the Certificate of Tradition and Freedom and public services are obligations of great importance in the procedures of real estate. They ...
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¿House or Apartment?

In momentous decisions such as buying a home, doubts may come among the options offered by the market. A recurring dichotomy is buying a house or an apartment, while each type of property has its own benefits. In this publication, we briefly explain key characteristics of both options. Keep in mind: the best solution will depend in the buyer’s preferences. Apartment Security and access ...

The rise of intermediate cities

Foto de Trần Long en Pexels Contact with nature has become a need and priority for many in the last years. The possibilities of remote work and virtual education have made people reconsider displacement and housing priorities, as well as in-house meetings for institutions. Individuals are changing daily dynamics, putting health and well-being above every risk. As a result, there has been a genuine ...
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The best areas to invest in Santa Marta

Santa Marta is one of the cities with the highest real estate growth in Colombia. It has a huge potential, due to the diverse natural resources in its three natural parks, as well as its geographic location between the Caribbean Sea and the Sierra Nevada. The city has a valuable infrastructure, such as the Port of Santa Marta, with its natural draft, the deepest ...

Urban planning and cities of the future

Urban planning is a concept that has revolutionized the constitution of cities since the industrial age and World War II. Today it defines the organization, planning and structuring of cities. It is also increasingly aligned with the environmental, social and economic well-being of the inhabitants. What is all about? A photo from Katie Evensen in Pexels Definition According to Britannica, urban planning refers to ...

Santa Marta, the magical city!

Santa Marta is, certainly, a seductive city with infinite cultural, geographical, gastronomic and topographic benefits, among many others. Its bays, mountains and hypnotic sunsets, delight locals and visitors from all over the world. Samarian sunsets Full of colors and contrasts. Sometimes reddish, other times bluish, with green, white, and gray-yellow palette. Being able to watch a warm, hugging, tropical sunset from your balcony and ...

What types of property rentals does exist?

Residential, commercial and vacation rental are the most frequent types of property rentals in real estate solutions of the region. Below, we briefly describe each one. Residential rental Commonly used for properties for housing purposes. These properties mostly include houses, flats, studios or apartments located in residential areas, residential complex or buildings. It is an ideal solution for families, couples or singles who are ...
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How to choose a destination for your vacations?

When our holidays approaches, it is sometimes a difficult task to choose a destination to enjoy our days off. We are often surprised by spectacular destinations chosen by our community and we regret to forget that there are endless options to visit. Whenever we choose to rest, it is the perfect opportunity to also choose what type of vacation we are likely to take. ...
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