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Santa Marta, the magical city!

Santa Marta is, certainly, a seductive city with infinite cultural, geographical, gastronomic and topographic benefits, among many others. Its bays, mountains and hypnotic sunsets, delight locals and visitors from all over the world. Samarian sunsets Full of colors and contrasts. Sometimes reddish, other times bluish, with green, white, and gray-yellow palette. Being able to watch a warm, hugging, tropical sunset from your balcony and ...

What types of property rentals does exist?

Residential, commercial and vacation rental are the most frequent types of property rentals in real estate solutions of the region. Below, we briefly describe each one. Residential rental Commonly used for properties for housing purposes. These properties mostly include houses, flats, studios or apartments located in residential areas, residential complex or buildings. It is an ideal solution for families, couples or singles who are ...
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How to choose a destination for your vacations?

When our holidays approaches, it is sometimes a difficult task to choose a destination to enjoy our days off. We are often surprised by spectacular destinations chosen by our community and we regret to forget that there are endless options to visit. Whenever we choose to rest, it is the perfect opportunity to also choose what type of vacation we are likely to take. ...

Rent or buy? Benefits of each.

When we seek to become independent, acquire a new home or even invest in our future, we find two options to take the next step: rent or buy a property. Frequently we are overwhelmed by many concerns and it is difficult for us to make the decision of how to acquire a property. In some cases, due to the lack of information on both ...

What options do I have to finance a real estate invest...

Have you ever wondered how could you finance a real estate investment? Currently, the Colombian market offers multiple financing solutions. Mortgage credit, residential leasing and a rental agreement with a purchase option, are some of the frequent solutions. Read below the characteristics of each solution. Mortgage credit It is one of the most traditional and frequent options. It is a loan made by a ...

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